Adventure May Hurt You, But Monotony Will Kill.


Engage in Something Exciting.


Add Zing to your Workplace.


Multiple Levels of Awesomeness.


Customized Levels on Demand.


Explore the Cognitive Learning.


“Hey ..I enjoyed every bit of the was so designed with so much precision..I m honestly so glad dat I got to be a part of it ..🙂🙂🙂 🙂”

. . .

“Absolutely loved the game! Thanks a bunch for doing it for us. Thankfully my grandpa had 40 years if telegram office experience- so I literally got him to decode that one”

. . .

“Pheww.. It was fun, aur chahiye... Learned quite a few things which I will start using now.. Thanks for all the efforts team..”


$ 5

Per Player
1-100 players

$ 4.5

Per Player
100-500 players

$ 4

Per Player
500-1000 players

$ 3.5

Per Player
More than 1000 players
✔ Upto 25 levels
✔ Additional 5 customised levels
✔ Customised Leaderboard
✔ Customised SubDomain