Braindead is a treasure-hunt based game that requires you to conquer all levels one by one to complete it. Kindergarten is designed for you to learn tricks to conquer braindead. :^)

Tips :

1) To win, you have to cross each level by any means necessary - fair or foul. Except foul.

2) Hints to answers may be hidden in the sourcecode, images and other elements of the page. If you haven't got it, you haven't been thorough enough. Plus, not everything's a hint.

3) Feel free to grind those Google servers (and tools like the Google image search ).

4) We have tried not to mislead you. But we haven't tried our best.

5) Textboxes have been provided for answers. Try different combinations for an answer if you think you have got it.

6) The game has been tested to work on the latest firefoxes and chromes. Some pages may require flash support, javascript, etc.

7) Follow us on facebook and twitter for news and updates. Follow the forum for clues.

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